Pascal Cans

About Me

My name is Pascal Cans, noobs was my nickname when I was young(er!), hence this domain name.
I live in Lyon, France and work as a software architect at Sopragroup.

What I do

I gratuated in 2003 with a master's degree in engineering from Epitech ( )
I now work for Sopragroup ( ) as a Software architect. I had the opportunities to work with a lot of differents web technologies. I enjoyed working in the J2EE field: nice community, bright people, powerfull framworks. I also really liked .NET: integrated plateforms, slick cohesion in the software stack.
There is two fields I try to explore as much as I can in the last two years: search and mobility.
For the search part I had the chance to work with Microsoft Fast and explore some bits of Lucene. In the mobility I made differents applications for our clients using Titanium, Android SDK, and Html5 ones.
I strongly feel the future of most mobile applications are in the web. Html5 is now so fast, so powerful and so well spread that we can already build amazing web applications.

What I like

When I am not on a computer I like running. I don't do it enough theses days, I hope that with the winter's end I'll find will to do it more often. I also like to run my motorbike, a splendid, brand new Trimph Street Triple R. I smoke cigars (always outside, so... I do not smoke in winter!). I know cigar smells really bad, but I really like to do nothing but enjoying my cigar for an hour long. Cigars are fascinating: not a lot of brands, differents form factor, differents flavors and an amazing craft skills needed to make a good one.

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